What Our Students are Saying

Our years of training and experience has taught us that teaching a class is more than just standing up there and presenting information. It has to be an interactive process that’s engaging and hands-on. We feel confident you will find our class formats rewarding educational experiences but don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews for yourself. Here’s a small sampling of hundreds of reviews that we’ve gotten.

Candace P.

I attended a situational awareness training class with Dan. Very informative and interesting. Everyone needs the information provided in this class to protect yourselves in an unpredictable world.

Reid Y.

To be honest, I have never left a google review in my life. I’ve had great service and experiences but nothing that I’ve ever walked away from being astounded by. However, that changed today with Dan. My wife and I recently purchased new fire arms and were wanting to take a course to lead us toward getting our CCW. We took the a basic firearms and concealed course today and left feeling completely confident in our abilities to handle and shoot a fire arm.

I have past experience with guns, however my wife had never even held one. After several hours in training and then time at the gun range my wife never missed the target and was spot on each time. Dan was thorough, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. We felt safe and comfortable the entire time. His expertise and skills are unmatched. If you are a newbie and want help without feeling dumb, go to Dan. If you are experienced and want to go to a higher level of expertise, go to Dan. If you need a refresher, go to Dan. We cannot say enough positive things about our time with him today.

Julie P.

Last night my husband and I took a course (beginner and concealed carry). Our instructor Dan was very knowledgeable and made it easy to understand the material he was teaching. We appreciated Dan so much as we were new to everything. I would highly recommend Dan’s classes for all your gun and learning needs.

John S.

Dan is a great instructor very knowledgeable and concise. I would recommend him if you are considering getting a concealed carry permit. He also offers other training courses as well.

Wayne H.

My wife and I attended a class here with a great group and it was FUN and INFORMATIVE! Was a comfortable setting and I encourage anyone who wants to learn more to check out their available classes. Our teacher Dan was the best and I would not want any other teacher than him. We’re going to be looking into what further educational classes they have. I now have a great memory of this fun experience + valuable knowledge and skill.

Dorothy W.

I am 74 years old and decided to take a concealed weapons class with Dan. It was a wonderful class. This class taught me so much and safety was first and then fundamentals. Just have to give Dan a great rating. Thank you for the great education on guns.

Renee H.

Great class! I learned a lot more than I expected. Dan did it on a wonderful gradient and I feel very confident handling a handgun! It makes me feel very safe with one! I highly recommend the full Monty class with Dan! What I appreciate the most, is Dan made sure each and every one of us, understood and he took care of each of us to be sure we duplicated it! You can tell he loves what he does.

Chuck N.

I took the basic firearms and concealed carry course on 10/20/20 to obtain my conceal carry qualification and could not be more pleased with our instructor Dan. He has many years of experience and his teaching methods not only provide you with valuable information, but help you to retain the information as well.

Franc R.

Great detailed concealed weapons training by Dan. Everyone should do this course here. I look forward to more training and becoming more proficient and confident with a weapon. Great staff here too.

Scott L.

I attended the Situational Awareness class with my wife & 5 children (ages 8 – 15). Dan, an exceptionally credentialed instructor, provided lifesaving advice for a variety of situations that was applicable to all members of my family. Very valuable information…it all starts with situational awareness!

Pat T.

My daughter Christine and I took the basic firearms and concealed carry class on 10/24 with Dan. We walked in handgun novices and walked out confident in using our Glock’s safely. We highly recommend Dan and this class and looking forward to attending the Situation Awareness class with Dan in the future.

Blake S.

I took the basic firearms and concelaed carry class with Dan; he was excellent. The in-class portion was very informative, and he kept it light-hearted and fun while being serious when necessary. After having the class practice proper stance and gun handling procedure, we went to the range together to put what we learned to the test. His extensive experience was evident while at the range. It was my first time firing a handgun and Dan made me feel very confident and comfortable after going through his instructions. I recommend him and any of his classes to anyone looking to gain knowledge about the laws of owning/carrying a gun, and looking to learn how to properly use a gun. Thank you Dan for a great time!