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Our Mission

GPTI strives every day to provide our students with the best training experience. We feel strongly about taking the time to present the material in a safe, easy to learn and systematic format. Our method enhances the learning experience. We want our students to get the most out of this experience and feel a sense of accomplishment when they have completed the program.

Why Choose Us

Our Experience

With a background in aero-medical evacuations having performed over 300 missions, Dan is an NRA certified pistol instructor, the Director of Training for the National Concealed Carry Association, and a licensed Florida Armed Security Officer. Our wide range of hands-on training programs and seminars are designed to meet the educational needs of all firearms owners and those wanting to best prepare to protect themselves, their families and their work places.

Fair Pricing

We’re committed to becoming your go-to place for all firearms and personal protection educational needs at an affordable price

Interactive Process

Through engaging and hands-on classes, we’ll take your firearm skills to the next level whether just starting out or with years of experience

Qualified Training

With significant experience in training professionals and expertise in personal protection and firearms, we offer the most value for our students

Hands-On Instruction

Our wide range of hands-on training programs and seminars are designed to meet the educational needs of all firearms owners

Why Gun Safety Matters


Did You Know?

Gun-related deaths in America are due to unintentional shootings. This is WHY it is so important to take a firearms training class to learn firearms safety.

Mass shootings in the U.S. since 2009, resulting in 1,518 people killed and 980 people wounded. This is WHY you should take training that teaches how to carry a handgun, draw from concealment and shoot.

Times citizens use their guns to defend themselves every year. This is WHY it is so important to be able to protect yourself, your family and others.

People used a firearm in self defense in the United States according to a 2021 survey. This is WHY you should learn to carry and be proficient with a firearm.


Commitment to Education

Our years of training and educational experience has taught us that teaching a class is more than just standing up there and presenting information. It has to be an interactive process.

The instructor must have a deep understanding of the topic, qualified experience, excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Those combined qualities make a good instructor. Through engaging and hands-on classes, Guardian Protective Training Institute will take your firearm skills to the next level.

We feel confident you will find our class formats rewarding educational experiences.

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What we provide is the most important training you may ever receive! Learn more about our classes and how we can help bring you to the next level.

Basic Firearms
Combined Conceal Carry/Basic Firearms Class
1 on 1 Personal Instruction
Drawing from Concealment and Defensive Shooting
Introduction to AR
Situational Awareness

Featured Testimonials

"I took a one-on-one gun class with Dan. It was a great class and he took great care, paid a ton of attention and took what I knew and began building on it. I enjoyed it a lot and was able to learn from his extensive knowledge. Afterwards I had a much better understanding, more confidence and knew what I had to practice. He even gave me some homework, which is great. I look forward to my next class with Dan and building upon what we began in this first class."


"Dan’s classes were great. I took a CCW class at a gun show a few years ago and it doesn't compare to Dan’s class. He offered so much pertinent information about self defense laws as well as adding his personal experiences. Would highly recommend to both new and experienced gun owners."


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